Free Tax Preparation

Monday & Tuesdays 

Time:  4:30-8:30PM


AA Meetings
AA Meetings are held Monday-Friday from 5:15pm-6:15pm (Group name: Happy Hour).

Perishable food distribution
Perishable food distribution is every Thursday at 10:00am.
-Contact Person: Sara 402.438.5231, x131

Food Boxes
Food Boxes are assembled every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 1:00-3:00pm
 -Contact Person:Sara 402.438.5231, x131

Bus Passes
Low Income Star Tran bus passes are $8.00.
-Contact: Joe Bad Moccasin Jr.

Board of Director's Meeting
Every 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Indian Center Inc. Board of Director's Meeting is held at 6pm 
 -Contact Person: Barry Walker 402-438-5231, x9


Looking for someone honest, hardworking, and reliable.

Indian Center Inc.’s Native Connections for Life is a year-long, open-enrollment youth program serving ages 8-24 with three culture-focused curriculum developed by Native Americans to aid personal development, communication skills, prevent risky behaviors, and support Native youth and communities. Native Connections for Life takes both an evidence-based and holistic approach towards enriching the lives and minds of Native children and young adults.

During the school year, the Native Connections for Life will provide a light meal, while offering homework night, writing workshops, mentors/tutors, ongoing grade assessments, age-appropriate group facilitations, culturally-based teachings, physical activities, and field trips.

Here at the Indian Center Inc., the health and wellbeing of Native American youth is our priority. We understand that the success and futurity of Indian Country depends on developing healthy hearts, minds, bodies, outlooks, and attitudes of future generations.

We are committed to helping our Native youth develop the skills necessary to live not only a successful life, but a healthy, empowering one as well; applying culture and ceremony as prevention, we can strengthen Native identity, which is vital to Native youth’s wellbeing and sense of purpose. This guides their personal development and works to heal the intergenerational trauma that pervades all our lives as Native people. By encouraging a positive sense of self through cultural enrichment, we can change a perspective. By changing a perspective, we can change a life. Our number one goal is to support our youth in making healthy, empowering decisions that last a lifetime.

To join the Youth Program, please download and print the following forms, turn them into Rose Springer, Youth Program Director or Youth Coordinator/Facilitator Mike W. Wolfe at the Indian Center 1100 Military Rd, Second floor on the east wing:

*The Youth Program Application and Waiver ←Turning of the Child Event also.

* The Youth Program Schedule

* The Eagle Feather Program Application

Lincoln Public Schools is entering a three-year pilot program and partnership with the Indian Center Inc. - to provide academic support and incentive for native American students to graduate from high school. Lincoln Public School is focusing on students in the demographic group who struggle the most with graduation, locally and nationally.

This program aligns with several basic LPS goals:

  • Increase the high school graduation rate.
  • Partner with community groups to provide academic support for our students.

Along with its other programming, the Indian Center Inc., will offer the following research-based academic opportunities for LPS Native American students:

  • Reinforce homework.
  • Goal setting.
  • Rewarding academic success.

This program provides an academic incentive - related to additional recognition on graduation attire - much like LPS currently offers other students through programs such as Thespians and the National Honors Society.

LPS will monitor this program over three years and review.

*DONATION REQUEST Unfortunately, food is no longer allowable for purchase with the youth grants; therefore, we are asking the community to donate and help us provide meals for our participating youth. If you have any items to donate, please contact Rose Springer at 402-438-5231. The Youth Program can pick up donated items. WibthaNoN (Thank you)! The Youth Program will also accept your financial support.