We've set up a temporary phone line. The Indian Center can be reached at (531) 500-5717. The center is also open for business as usual!

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Native Connections for Life Youth Program

"Welcome Back Celebration!"

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The Native Connections for Life Youth Program

If you child would like to join the Youth Program, please click on the Intake & waiver forms below.  Bring them into the office, a light meal will be served and transportation is avilable.  Mike Wolfe at 531-500-7139 for more information.

 Youth Intake Application and Wavier


Clinic With A Heart
Monday, March 5 is the first Monday of the month.  We have a medical and chiropractic clinic at this time.  For this Monday Clinic if you have a client you wish to refer, I will accept a reservation and save them a spot.  We only do this for the first Monday of the month clinic; all our other clinics are first-come, first-serve. Our doors open at 4:00 p.m.  We are located at 1701 S. 17th Street, Suite 4G (lower level).
Also, World Oral Health day will soon be here.  Saturday, March 10.  On that day, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. there will be free dental screenings, oral health education, blood pressure and diabetic screening.  This event takes place at the Malone Community Center, 2032 U Street

 AA Meetings

AA Meetings are held Monday-Friday from 5:15pm-6:15pm (Group name: Happy Hour).

Perishable food distribution
Perishable food distribution is every Thursday at 10:00am.
-Contact Person: Sara 402.438.5231, x131

Food Boxes
Food Boxes are assembled every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 1:00-3:00pm
 -Contact Person:Sara 402.438.5231, x131

Bus Passes
Low Income Star Tran bus passes are $8.00.
-Contact: Joe Bad Moccasin Jr.

Board of Director's Meeting
Every 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Indian Center Inc. Board of Director's Meeting is held at 6pm 
 -Contact Person: Barry Walker 402-438-5231, x9

Strategic Plan

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On December 21, 2013 the Indian Center Board of Directors engaged in a six-hour strategic planning process designed to cultivate inventive and forward-thinking ideas combined with rich tradition, to propel the Indian Center forward, build engagement, garner widespread community support, and fulfill its mission of serving the Native American Community. 

Electing to keep intact its current vision and mission statements, the Board focused its discussion upon the development of critical issue areas needing to be addressed, and the development of related goal areas, objectives, and initial brainstorming on related action steps for each. The goal areas established by the Board were:

Goal 1: Grow an appropriate facility to accomplish our mission.

Goal 2: Identify funding and related resources to ensure sustainability and growth.

Goal 3: Create awareness and educate target audiences about the Indian Center and its mission.

Goal 4: Cultivate an environment that maintains and celebrates native heritage, language, culture and experience.

Mission Statement

The guiding light of the Indian Center is a self-perpetuating statement that empowers the organization to continued progress and improvement while maintaining the essence of service to the 1,500 individuals comprising the Native American community in Lincoln, as well as to the Indian communities of Omaha and Scottsbluff, Nebraska. This statement is as follows:

To provide value to the Native American community by creating and obtaining programs that empower self-sufficiency and positive quality of life standards in individuals and families.


The Indian Center strives to continually improve on itself by building on its core competencies and collaborating with outside agencies in order to leverage resources for the benefit of its constituency. As such, the following statement presents the Indian Center as an organization with the highest qualities built on hard work and dedication:

Be recognized as the premier Native American nonprofit organization in the State of Nebraska, influencing local and state government decision-making, partnering with local agencies for the betterment of Native Americans, and providing leadership in business, education, health, and human services, while enjoying a strong working relationship with neighboring tribal governments.


A statement that responds to inquiries from the community and general public on the basis for the existence of the Indian Center and provides the basic context for its abilities:

  • Human Services
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Business Development
  • Youth Services
  • Senior Services
  • Employment & Training
  • Food and Nutrition 

Beliefs and Values



The Indian Center history and current structure is steeped in Native American culture (prayer, pow-wows each year, Drum Song). We have cultural resilience to share with others.

·Supporting each other for better health
·Cultural preservation
·Spiritual growth and fulfillment

Values: (for our children, future family structure, tribal unity, Elders)
·Meals every day: commodity program and senior dinner

Preserving life: natural environment, youth (suicide prevention), celebrating who we are
·Improving relationship with Native American community

Youth advocacy: legal system, policies, social justice